Augusta National Golf Club: A Historic Institution in Augusta, GA

History and Legacy

Founded in 1933 by golf legend Bobby Jones and businessman Clifford Roberts, Augusta National Golf Club holds a storied legacy as one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world. Situated in Augusta, Georgia, the club was initially intended to be a private retreat for its founders and a venue for hosting the Masters Tournament, one of professional golf’s most esteemed events. Information can be found here.

Home of the Masters Tournament

Since its inception in 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has been the permanent home of the Masters Tournament, attracting top golfers from around the globe to compete for the coveted green jacket. The tournament, held annually in early April, is renowned for its rich tradition, challenging course layout, and iconic landmarks such as Amen Corner and Rae’s Creek. Discover facts about Augusta Riverwalk: A Scenic Gem in Augusta, GA.

Course Design and Features

Designed by renowned golf course architects Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones, Augusta National’s layout is celebrated for its beauty, strategic design, and meticulously maintained greens. The course features undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and signature holes like the par-3 12th, known for its treacherous winds and picturesque setting.

Exclusivity and Membership

Augusta National Golf Club maintains a reputation for exclusivity, with a limited membership roster of influential individuals from various industries. The club is known for its strict membership criteria and selective admission process, prioritizing individuals of exceptional character and accomplishment.

Traditions and Culture

Beyond its golfing prestige, Augusta National Golf Club is steeped in tradition and culture. The club’s iconic green jacket, awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament, symbolizes excellence and achievement in the world of golf. Other traditions, such as the Champions Dinner and the Par 3 Contest, add to the allure and mystique of the club.

Environmental Stewardship

Augusta National Golf Club is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, implementing numerous initiatives to preserve and protect its natural surroundings. The club’s extensive landscaping efforts, water conservation measures, and wildlife habitat restoration projects demonstrate its dedication to environmental conservation and responsible land management.


In conclusion, Augusta National Golf Club stands as a historic institution and a symbol of excellence in golf. From its legendary course design to its prestigious membership, the club embodies a tradition of excellence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. As the host of the Masters Tournament and a beacon of golfing heritage, Augusta National Golf Club continues to inspire and captivate golf enthusiasts worldwide.