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Asphalt Smith Paving is a professional road paving company serving Augusta, GA and the surrounding areas. With our extensive experience in the asphalt industry, we know how to grade a solid foundation, install a sturdy subbase, and pave an asphalt surface that will hold up for years to come. Through our dedication and commitment to excellence, we ensure customer satisfaction and achieve good results in every paving project.

Asphalt Roads of All Kinds

Our paving contractors work with home owners, business owners, industrial and municipal clients, as well as homeowners associations to pave asphalt roads on their properties. Asphalt roads are the most popular pavement option throughout the US for many reasons. Blacktop roads are comfortable to drive on, thanks to their high traction, low-glare, and smooth surface. Asphalt pavement lasts for decades, and is simple and quick to repair. When an asphalt surface begins to be worn down, it can be refreshed through resurfacing or resealing.

Installation and Repair

We build new roads and offer maintenance as well. Our asphalt road repair services include pothole patching, crack filling, and resurfacing. It is important, and helps prevent costly repair down the line, to repair cracks and potholes promptly. The longer they go unaddressed, the more water infiltration can cause damage to your road. Water that seeps in through breaks in the pavement can cause erosion of the foundation, expand during freezing weather, and cause potholes and further damage. With our prompt and effective crack filling and asphalt patching, you won’t need to worry about your road incurring damage from cracks and holes. Whether you have small or large cracks, lots of small potholes or one large one, we can provide a free quote on the most cost-effective way to repair any road damage you have. 

Services We Offer

Our wide range of asphalt services for both residential and commercial properties is one reason we are a top choice for local homes and businesses. We can help with any parking lot, driveway, or road paving project you have. If your existing road is showing signs of wear, our expert asphalt repair services will get it good as new again! Call us for a free quote on any of our services, including:

Reach out to us by phone or email, and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote on your upcoming project. Our experienced crews have been in the asphalt industry for many years, and that helps us provide upfront, and accurate pricing on any asphalt installation or repair job you need done.

Get a Quote for a Safe, Smooth Road

Paving a road in your community will help facilitate better travel and possibly reduce maintenance costs. Unlike gravel or dirt roads, asphalt is not at risk of washing away in heavy rains or becoming muddy. A well-paved asphalt road improves the experience of anyone driving through your community and can reduce wear and tear and damage on cars as well. Get in touch for a free quote from our estimator.  


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Road Paving Services We Provide

Road Construction

Private and Public Road Paving

Asphalt road construction consists of many pieces that all work together to make a sturdy and functional road. A graded dirt foundation, followed by a gravel or stone subbase, a stabilized base, and then finally the asphalt pavement, are all important elements of your road. If care and attention is not taken for any one of these, then it could result in premature failure of the road surface, drainage issues, and structural problems. Our experienced road paving company is fully-licensed in Georgia, and cares about doing our job right.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Mill and Overlay

Resurfacing asphalt roads is a budget friendly way to redo roads without having to tear out and replace them entirely. We will remove the top layers of the asphalt pavement and replace them with a new coat of fresh hot mix asphalt. The result is a smooth, new blacktop surface that looks and feels just like a new road. Milling and overlaying asphalt extends the life of roads and also improves the driving experience. It corrects issues like cracks, small holes, and uneven surfaces.

Road Repair

Crackfilling, Pothole Repair

We repair private and public roads throughout the Augusta area. Patching potholes, filling cracks, and providing other routine maintenance helps ensure your roads will be long-lasting, safe, and comfortable to drive on. Roads experience high volumes of traffic, constant exposure to the elements, and other wear and tear. Our paving contractors can assess issues we see and provide free quotes to maintain your asphalt and repair any damage that has occurred. We also offer driveway paving and maintenance.

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